Stefan Gearhart – Marketing, Teacher, Board Member, Performer

Stefan Gearhart was born and raised in the little lakeside hamlet of Toledo, OH. He moved to Louisville, KY thereafter where he has called it his home since then. Improv is in his blood, starting from an early age. From being the class clown to lying his way out of any bad situation to crafting stories about his time with Superman. Stefan has been officially performing improv for 20 years. He has a BFA in Theatre from Western KY University. There he discovered improv by joining Kentucky’s Longest Running Improv Troupe, Happy Gas Improv. He later went on to learn and perform as much improv as humanly possible, even at one point breaking a world improv record, with improv troupe, SPF7 in Seaside, FL, as they performed 72 straight hours of improv comedy! Since then he has been Co-Founder and Performer in NTX Comedy alongside Ben Hagan, Damaged Goods, The Louisville Improv Collective, Sidetracked Improv, and Improv 502. Stefan has also been teaching improv for over 10 years, teaching high energy/theatrical improv comedy to his students. Stefan is also one of the hosts of the paranormal radio show and podcast, FearScape and FearScape FM as well as co-hosting the Horror Movie podcast, Unhappy Campers, with Ben Hagan.

Twitter: @improvislaw
Instagram: @improvislaw

Board Members

Stefan Gearhart

Victoria Wagner

Simeon Burks

Lance Waldridge

Special Guest Teachers

Sam Toohey

Tom Frisby

Simeon Burks

Amanda Rountree

Tara DeFrancisco & Rance Rizzutto

Matt Schaff & Joey Eberling

Curt David

Brandon Saylor

Dave Mattingly

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