1. How long do drop in and 6-week classes last?

-Drop in classes and 6-week classes last approximately 2 hours unless otherwise noted on event.

2. Can my kids attend?

-Yes!!! All ages are welcome! But we leave the judgement up to the parent. We suggest trying out a drop in class before a 6-week,

3. If I sign up for a 6-week class, do I have to attend every class?

-While we would prefer you to attend every single class we understand that life happens and we will do our best to make accommodations. However, there will be no discount or refund for any missed days.

4. If I finish Level 1 and/or Level 2 classes will I get to perform?

-Yes! Every 6-week class culminates in a Graduation show! If you do not feel up to performing at the show, you are not required.

5. If I finish Level 1 and/or Level 2 classes does that mean I am on an Improv 502 House Team?

-No. Any members that perform on regular Improv 502 House Teams are auditioned or asked to be a part. Graduating from classes does not guarantee a slot on a House Team.

6. Do I get a discount to Improv 502 shows for being a student?

-Yes!! Improv 502 students will always receive a 50% discount to all Improv 502 shows! (Discount only available at the door)

7. Will these classes make me funny?

-Yes and no. While these classes do indeed teach you the tools on how to become a great and hilarious improviser, it is up to the student to use them in a way that matches their own personality shine.

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